Access the restaurant
along the ramp.

Go on line with our
free wifi for customers.

Cool down under one of the nearby shower posts,
on both sides of the restaurant.

Sit under one of the fans and
forget about the heat

Use our alcohol gel dispenser
at your disposal to wash your hands.

Tell us if you have any diet restrictions and
we will adapt the menu to your needs

We speak English and a bit of French
but if you speak a different language, we will manage!

Credit cards accepted

We have a profesional oven which allows several dishes to be cooked to perfection simultaneously without mixing flavours , in a record time. This is one of the restaurant’s jewels.

Tell us what kind of surprise party, special dinner/lunch
or celebration you want and see what we suggest.

You won’t need it, fortunately, but just in case,
we have a defibrillator and trained staff to use it.

Parking your car won’t be a problem: there are many options around. Puerto Marina is only a nice walk away but you can also park at Plaza Solymar public car park or, maybe, at the back of the exhibition Center or the Olé Square.

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