Our Cooking

We have been located on the beach from the start , which obviously influences our cuisine, rich in local fish.We are commited  to promoting our traditional flavours and therefore only use finest quality fresh products.

We do not only care for the quality of our food, but also for a good service, which has paid off throughout these years with a good bunch of faithful customers who eventually became friends as well.

We know the importance of maintaining our high standards: we have recently renewed our tablecloths, the crockery and cutlery to keep in line  with present designs and trends; we have put up some alcohol gel dispensers, which our customers can use to wash their hands anytime . We have invested in the very best professional oven in the market and we take orders through a computer program which speeds up the service and reduces annoying mistakes. We have also become associate members of Tripadvisor so that our customers can have easy access to posting opinions or checking on previous visitor’s comments, all of which will help us improve.

From the modern cuisine we like trying new dishes and mixing new flavours: This is what led us to create our House salad or one of the most popular options, GB black noodles

We are proud of the way our dishes are presented, of course, but that will never detract from the flavor of our dishes, which is our main interest. And there is something  we  disagree with in terms or modern cuisine:  small portions. We still cater for people with a healthy appetite and we don’t want to disappoint them!

Our chef excels at cooking rice in many ways. He enriches these dishes with excellent fish broths and the perfect cooking times, which makes the grain smooth to taste. The special touch of the oven is not to be forgotten, or the fact that several paellas can be made at the same time. This is especially convenient as now customers do not need to order this long-to cook dish in advance: waiting time should be no longer than any other option in our menu

Skewered sardines are one of our specialties, not to forget any kind of local fish, cooked in this way on our boat. Sardines are brought daily and the connoisseur  notices that freshness, and is  delighted to come back and repeat the experience, perhaps adding our superb roasted pepper salad, a nice glass of white wine or a refreshing jar of “sangria” (a popular mixture of icy-cold red wine, lemonade and fruit ).

This  customer who knows about our local food will easily see how generously we use   olive oil to fry the fish and how firm and crispy it all comes out on the plates.

And if you come from abroad but are not so keen on trying new dishes, no problem! We have a good selection of international options for you to choose from and enjoy; a selection which may seem common, but is not because of our very tasty, home-cooked style. Don’t miss our juicy 100%  ox meat hamburgers, our delicious mixed sandwiches or the very best roasted chicken in the area, made in our special oven, one of the best tools in the house,

If you still have space for something else or can’t resist a good, sweet treat to finish a meal, our homemade desserts won’t disappoint you at all!

We hope these words will whet your appetite and encourage you to pay us a visit  – if you  have not already- so you can judge by yourself. We are Andalusian and, as such, prone to exaggerate but this time we assure you we have not gone too far with these comments!

Just sit down, relax and enjoy!

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Los fideos negros GB

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