• La ensalada GB


  • “Gloria Bendita” Salad,
  • Caesar Salad,
  • Mixed Special Salad,
  • Roasted Pepper,
  • Salad Tomato with Galic,
  • Salad Octopus,
  • Salad Fish Roe,
  • Salad Prawns,
  • Salad Asparagus with Salad and Mayonnaise,
  • Carpaccio Beef with Parmesano,
  • Sheep Cheese Cured,
  • Iberian Ham,
  • Eggplant with Honey Gazpacho (Cold Vegetable Soup),
  • Salmorejo (Cold Vegetable Creme),
  • Shrimp Cocktail with Pineapple,
  • Avocado with Prawns,
  • Anchovies in Vinegar,
  • Octopus “Galicia” Style,
  • Prawns in Garlic Sauce,
  • Homemade Croquettes.

It looks so, so good!

  • Octopus “Galicia” Style

    Octopus “Galicia” Style

  • Caesar Salad

    Caesar Salad

  • Anchovies in Vinegar

    Anchovies in Vinegar

  • “Gloria Bendita” Salad

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