If you are a local, you know this is  part of our culinary culture. Sardines taste delicious in the summer when they are slowly roasted by expert hands. They must be very fresh and the right size. Ours are just made to perfection.

Whether fried or marinated, anchovies are one of our most popular fish. They require quite a frying ritual, so to say, as the kind of flour used is as important as  the oil temperature, which should be very high. The whitening process, when they are marinated, is also a skill and the fish should taste […]

Of course, we will skewer any kind of fish. Approach our roasting boat and look at the way the fish -just brought from the market place that very morning- become temptingly golden.

When we talk of rice dishes, it is an issue whether we should or not call them paellas. There are as many versions of this Spanish dish as ways to make gazpacho (our cold tomato soup, which we know puzzles the British customers!). Because of that, we prefer to call them “rice dishes”, and leave […]

There is nothing special about grilled salmon, yes, but! Ours is special after the house sauce is added. This thick sauce line topping the fish looks like a signature!

This is something quite different from the typical shellfish salad you can find as part of the “tapas” range, everywhere. This octopus comes with a selection of ingredients you have not experienced before. The dressing, of course, is again one of the keys to make this dish attractive and surprisingly original!

We are not talking about the typical fideuá from Valencia. No; this dish is made quite differently with long black noodles (spaguetti nero de sepia) cooked with prawn, a selection of mushroom and onion, plus our special house sauce. If you are eager to try new dishes, this is your option. Click here to meet […]

Chanquetes (some local tiny fish ) became a protected species many years ago so we can no longer offer it on our menus; however, this silver fish is the next best thing we know of to remind you of it –we used to eat it in Málaga by pinching together a handful with our fingers […]

They are not a specialty nor something we would recommend in the first instance when you come to a beach restaurant, but if you are a meat eater and you would rather stick to international  dishes,  we  want to make sure you enjoy these 100% ox hamburgers. They do taste so different!

If you eat healthily and are not  keen on fried options from the menu, you may be interested in our salad selection. Among the possibilities, the number one in popularity is our home salad. It consists of a mixture of lamb´s lettuce, king prawn, fresh cheese, nuts and fruit with a sweet and sour dressing […]

Are you coming with children? Then these croquettes are a good choice. We make them on the premises and they rarely come back on the plate from a table. However, if the children didn’t happen to like them, don’t worry:  there will certainly be  plenty of willing adult volunteers in your party to eat them […]

It may look like the  cream caramel you know so well. However, of course, it isn’t! Neither the taste or texture are anything you will recognise. We have added two secret ingredients to the traditional recipe, which we challenge you to guess.

What do the cheese cake and the Spanish omelette have in common?: Everyone likes them made in a different way! We know, so we have tried many possibilities. With our experience we have finally chosen this one recipe. You may say it is not what you are used to, ok, but you won’t deny our […]

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