A bit of history

We opened in 1978 as an easy-to-spot octagonal restaurant built in polyester fibre.

The name of the restaurant at the time was Órdago, a Spanish term linked to a popular card game which Juan Cejas, the owner, was (and still is!) quite keen on: Actually he was awarded a Master’s Golden Medal, the only one in Andalucia, in 1991.

From that first period a good bunch of loyal customers have remained unconditional fans ( I am a good example myself!) . I still remember it when morning, afternoon and night flew by so smoothly while we played cards . I also recall those magic moments when all of a sudden, a spontaneous musician started playing the guitar and Juan, an exceptional entertainer, delighted us by dancing some Sevillanas sitting on a stool.

In 1982, encouraged by the big success of those unforgettable evenings and led by his high entrepreneurial spirit, Juan decided to start another business, a flamenco nightclub this time,  named Gloria Bendita, which was destined to become a symbol of night entertainment on the coast, partly due to the famous people who visited it regularly (Lola Flores, Rocío Jurado, Cantores de Hispalis, El Fary, Manzanita…). That business remained open until 1989.

Simultaneously –while that night club was operating- , the Restaurant Ordago was demolished in 1985 to be rebuilt in brick, on that very  plot by the beach , with a more solid aspect and the same good, friendly atmosphere as the previous premises.

In 1987, however, the Public works authorities (MOPU) compelled all restaurants set on the beach to respect certain building rules and aesthetics, which meant the recently built restaurant had to be demolished again. For that reason, the restaurant disappeared from the Malapesquera beach until 1989, when it reopened in line with the official requirements. Then, the business changed its name to Gloria Bendita, the same as the nightclub, hoping the former would be as lucky and successful as the latter.

So, Gloria Bendita, as it is now, is the result of that last 1989 rebuild. It gained some more space, a big basement and staff room. Besides, all installations were renewed and officially approved. The business aimed to keep its professional, flawless history as well as its quality service in all aspects.  Luckily that aim has been achieved:  The award ( A Gold medal  in recognition of its role in the restoration sector within the Andalucian community)  given by Radioturismo, supported by AULINCAT,  on May, 2013, clearly proves this to be the case.

It is so reassuring when some stories come to such a happy and well deserved ending!

Manuel Lagunilla Esteban

A customer since 1982 and also a friend.



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